Apr 272015
Episode #101 Good Economic Data For Investors

Last week was another good week for the markets both domestically and internationally. Economic data in retail sales and durable goods orders beat expectations and we are continuing to see an increase in consumer spending. This week investors should watch several pieces of new economic data that could impact their portfolios.

Apr 202015
#100 Avoiding The Volatility In The Markets

We saw volatility in the markets last week as U.S. industrial production declined and the manufacturing index turned negative. All eyes continue to be on Greece for a possible default. There was some good news as oil prices rebounded sharply and US retail sales saw solid gains in March. The average number of jobs rose, but wage numbers are not following. More in the video.

Apr 062015
#98 What Economic News To Trust?

With so much economic news coming at investors from so many sources, we often get asked which headlines can be trusted and which cannot? Some headlines are worth following but investors should still be cautious as there may still be market volatility based on news hype, like Greece, and not actual economic news.

Mar 302015
#97 Finding The Positives In The Markets

Last week was a rough week in the markets worldwide but there was some good news. In this video we discuss what we are watching for in the data coming out this week, the positives we could see out of the personal income data, and why we may see Greece back in the headlines.

Mar 232015
#96 Have The Markets Peaked?

Have the markets peaked? The NASDAQ and S&P 500 are at an all time high but every new market high eclipses an old market high. It could still go higher. Investors will be seeing a lot of negative news in mainstream media but there are many positive things going on in our country and in the markets. More in the video.