Jan 202015
Watching Gold Prices

The price of gold is something we’ve been watching very closely. Commodity prices, including milk, have been going down mainly because of a rising dollar, which is based on gold. Interestingly, gold has continued to rise in spite of dropping commodity prices most likely because commodities are priced in US dollars. More in the video.

Jan 092015
How We Create Our Investment Strategies

Our process for creating investment strategies begins with each of us on the Portfolio Strategies Team conducting our own research and gathering data. Then, we meet and share our findings in bullet points, followed by healthy debate, and brainstorming. In this video I discuss some of the bullet points we are debating and researching now.

Jan 052015
Important Economic Data To Start 2015

We are cautiously optimistic about the markets. There are many positive elements in our economy but we also have some concerns. In this video we share three pieces of economic data coming out this week that we are watching closely that could impact you as an investor.