Jul 212014
How The Ukraine Situation Affected The Markets

The Ukraine situation impacted the markets as we saw it react to the news and then automatically rebound. This is a sign of a healthy market. Investors need to keep an eye on how events unfolding there are affecting the markets.

Jul 182014
How Often Should You Review Your 401K?

You should evaluate and review your 401k every 90 days because as the markets change, so will your returns in your 401k. Just because you have a 401k doesn’t mean you’re on track to retire and achieve your dreams and goals.

Jul 142014
Unemployment Is Down But Does It Feel Like It?

It doesn’t feel like unemployment is down because of the participation factor and because people are still scared to move upward by changing jobs. While the markets where down last week, remember it hit record highs the week before.

Jul 112014
The Rippling Effect Of The Fed Ending Quantitative Easing

The Fed announced on July 9, 2014 that it would be stopping quantitative easing, The impact on our economy will clearly come in the rise of interest rates but there will also be a rippling effect.

Jul 072014
This Week's Economic Trends

One of the biggest economic trends right now is how unemployment is continuing to come down but the numbers from the Labor Department are deceiving (more economic trends in the video).

Jul 022014
The Importance Of Understanding Inflation vs Deflation

Investors need to have a good understanding of inflation vs deflation because each can impact investments in different ways. Here are two simple definitions.