Jul 132015
#114 Our Hot Debate Over China

Bobby Norman’s opinion is that, in the short term, China’s current market situation is not that big of a deal. Franklin Bradford recognizes that when you combine the Shanghai Stock Exchange and the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, they make up the 2nd largest exchange in the world. Each has data to back up their opinion. Who do you agree with?

Jul 062015
#113 How Greece Is Like A Teenage Girl

The situation in Greece has been compared to a teenage girl stomping her foot, demanding that her parents give her back the credit card with which she just ran up a huge bill. This turmoil has helped cause our markets to be down for the second straight week. More in the video.

Jun 292015
#112 The Situation In Greece And Other International News That Can Impact Your Portfolio

Recap Of Last Week  Last week ended down slightly on the news of the situation in Greece and the correction in the Chinese stock market. Oil continues to stay in the $60 per barrel range where it has been for 8 weeks. We are watching the current talks with Iran because if their oil floods [… read more]

Jun 222015
#111 Why Is GDP Not Doing Better?

Why isn’t our annual GDP growing at a rate of around 4%? With all the quantitative easing, we should be seeing growth like this but we have only seen half of that. Two WSJ writers have said that historically when you come out of a bad recession, fiscal policy is what drives a higher GDP growth rate. More in the video.