Dec 152014
Are Rising Interest Rates Coming?

There is a big discussion on whether or not the price of oil will cause the Federal Reserve to accelerate a change in interest rates or not. There has been a lot change since the last Fed meeting in the 3rd quarter. Besides oil prices coming down, the dollar is up 5.3%. Also 800,000 new American jobs have been created. This is a lot of data for the Fed to consider.

Dec 082014
What Could Disrupt US Markets?

The concern that we have is that all the Russian prosperity has been based on oil for the last 6 or 7 years. Putin continues to justify his actions by comparing Russia’s take over of Crimea to Christians trying to take back the Holy Land. Global tensions in Russia, China and Europe, as well as other factors could disrupt US markets.

Nov 242014
The US Market Is Strong While Other Countries Struggle

Last week showed a continuing strong US market, Japan declared they are in a recession, and China surprised everyone last Friday with an interest rate cut. Today we will discuss how these and other international issues can affect US markets and ultimately your portfolio.