#122 China Creates A Global Problem

#122 How China Will Impacts Investors

China will impact investors not through the markets but through imports. If they continue to devalue their currency and market it would cause their export products to devalue, which will make it harder for the other economies to compete. More in the video.

Market Correction

#120 Is This A Market Correction Or A Bear Market?

Is this a market correction or a bear market? Does the US have a solid foundation compared to the rest of the global economy and could the next few months hold more emotionally driven volatility? We answer all these questions and more in the video.

What will impact your blog

#119 What Will Impact Your Portfolio?

We are tracking issues that have the potential to impact your investment portfolio. Issues in Brazil could benefit our economy while events in China have the potential to have a negative impact. What else could impact your investments? Watch the video.

#117 Republican Debate Serves As A Warning

#117 Republican Debate Serves As A Warning

This week’s Republican debate might not have much of an impact on your investments. However, the Republican debate serves as a warning that we are at the beginning of the political cycle that can kick up a lot of impactful smoke. More in the video.

#116 People Are Not Feeling Wealthy

#116 People Are Not Feeling Wealthy

People are not feeling wealthy. We can see by our research that shows they are paying down debt but they are not spending money on consumer goods. This could be because wages have not gone up with the jobs rate. More in the video.