Stimulate the economy

#138 Can Star Wars and Apple Stimulate The Economy?

There is the possibility that the new Star Wars movie along with the Apple Watch could stimulate the economy. Online sales continue to do well and as internet shopping continues to grow, retailers may have to continue slashing prices to get people in the stores. At this point the economy needs consumers to get off the sidelines and help stimulate the economy as the year comes to close.

Short But Busy Week In The Markets

#137 A Short But Busy Week In The Markets

Share this insight with your friends In today’s video we will discuss the news and reports coming out this holiday week that can impact the markets. We will also discuss how the housing growth and oil prices are impacting the US consumer. Housing growth and the US consumer As you have heard as a consistent theme here on our blog, we really need to get the consumer back. People have not been as confident since the financial crisis, so they are not as willing to take out a home equity line of credit or do a cash refinance of their […]

global economy

#135 What Can Keep The Global Economy Moving?

The G20 Summit leaders have much to figure out this week as the global economy is cluttered with many critical issues that impact us all. Because of their past initiatives, the Syrian refugee crisis, Japan’s deflation, and most countries having massive debt, the G20 leaders are running out of ammunition to keep the global economy moving.

Good signs for the economy

#134 Good Signs For The Economy

There are a good signs for the economy as the market reacted positively to last weeks’ Jobs and Wage reports. This could indicate a possible interest rate hike but there is still much to consider at this point. More in the video.

Corporate Bond Purchasing

#132 Why The Rise In Corporate Bonds Purchasing

Why are investors buying corporate bonds when they know interest rates could go up at anytime? That’s an interesting part of the debate. It could be that investors are buying corporate bonds because they really don’t believe interest rates are going up anytime soon. We are watching this closely because that determines how we allocate our portfolios.

Artificial market growth

#130 Is This Market Growth Real?

We see much of the current market growth as artificial because it is not coming from our economy, but from international central banks. This is a case of international bad news translating into good news for our markets. This leads to the markets being more disjointed which impacts investors’ portfolios.