watch the Fed

#178: Investors Need To Watch The Fed

This week all investors need to watch the Fed. There is a lot going on with the Fed as Janet Yellen and the Fed governors will be meeting in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Some new information has come out recently that points toward December as the next time we could see the Fed raise interest rates. Yellen could come out this week with the news that it could be as early as September.

drive market growth

#174: The Best Opportunity To Drive Market Growth Through The End Of The Year

In the current jobs number data we see a wage increase and evidence that the consumer is spending more in the economy. These and other factors are creating the best opportunity to drive market growth through the end of the year.

market perception

#173: Market Perception Vs Reality

August is historically a bad month for the markets. Adding to that is a mixed bag of economic issues which the mainstream media is not always reporting. The data is saying one thing but the markets are saying another. We hope to give you a better understanding of the market perception vs reality.

market surprises

#170: Taking Advantage Of Stock Market Surprises

As we continue to look at the second half of the year, we are already seeing some market surprises. On Friday we saw a surprise in the jobs report. Expectations are so low for corporate earnings that we are looking to take advantage of possible stock market surprises.

positive brexit results

#169: Surprising Positive Brexit Results In The US

Surprisingly there are Brexit positive results in the US from what was at first viewed as all negative. The Brexit has influenced bonds, gold, interest rates and more. We will discuss these results and what to watch for in the next 6 months in the markets.

The Brexit Shows There Is A Bigger Problem

#168: The Brexit Shows There Is A Bigger Problem

The Brexit points to an overall sickness of global frustration. The Brexit shows people are frustrated with the current state of the world. This has caused the unconventional to be popular. This is why we are seeing the popularity of US presidential candidates like Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. The Brexit is just one symptom of a bigger problem.