Career Transition: Opportunity Or Anxiety?

Career Transition: Opportunity Or Anxiety?

Share this insight with your friends Are you in a career transition or thinking about making one? Making a change like this can create great anxiety in someone’s life. In our financial planning process, we help our clients work through this type of transition. Watch this video to find out more. Greg Powell, CIMA President/CEO Wealth Consultant Loading…

Financial Considerations When Dealing with Alzheimer’s and Dementia

Share this insight with your friends04/27/12: Although it’s an unfortunate situation, I often deal with clients who have a loved one that has been diagnosed with some form of Dementia or Alzheimer’s. Anyone facing this type of situation wants to be focused on their loved one rather than dealing with stressful financial decisions. If you are dealing with this type of scenario, the first thing you should do is surround yourself with a team of professionals who are experienced in dealing with Alzheimer’s and Dementia. This would consist of a financial advisor, legal counsel, health care specialist, and mental health […]

When Couples Disagree On… Retirement?

Share this insight with your friends04/20/12: At some point we all hope to retire and enjoy the fruits of our labor. In our investment firm, part of our financial planning process is to discuss how couples envision their retirement and what their dreams and goals are for their golden years. However, what if one spouse wants to retire and the other wants to keep working? In the past, it was traditionally the husband who retired promptly at age 65, after receiving a gold watch for his service and a nice corporate pension to live on through retirement. Then the wife […]

5 Reasons Your Business Website Isn’t Working for You

Share this insight with your friends03/09/12: Just about every business that wants to succeed has a website. These days, a website can be thrown together in a manner of minutes on any number of “build your own click and drag” websites. On the other hand, a business can spend months developing, creating and fine tuning their site. Your company’s website can work for you, against you or simply do nothing at all… which is the same as working against you in my book. As the web designer for fi-Plan Partners, I talk often with our business owner clients about their […]

IRA Changes: 2011 vs 2012

Share this insight with your friends1/20/12 It’s tax time again, and that means you may be considering contributing to an individual retirement account. I have attached a document with useful information for IRA and other plan contribution limits for both 2011 and 2012.  I have included in the document the deadlines for opening an account, as well as making your contribution. To view or download this document click here. It is important to know that fi-Plan Partners does not give tax advice. Please remember that not all contributions are tax deductible. You should consult a tax professional before making your […]

12 Predictions for 2012 – 2012 Economic and Market Outlook

Share this insight with your friends01/13/11 With 2011 in the rearview mirror, it is time to look ahead to this year and see what the markets will have in store.  As we make these predictions we are reminded of the great quote from John Kenneth Galbraith, “The function of economic forecasting is to make astrology look respectable.”  That being said we feel like these 12 predictions best represent our views on what is in store for investors in 2012. Volatility is here to stay – Uncertainty with regards to Europe and the presidential election in the U.S., will keep investors […]