Why Women Need To Understand Their Financial Plan

Why Women Need To Understand Their Financial Plan

06/07/12: Greg Powell explains why it is so critical for women to make sure they understand their financial plan. Whether they are single or married, there are some important factors that affect women and their financial plan. Although comments on this blog have been turned off (see note below), Greg would like to have dialogue with you. Email Greg Powell here or call him at (205) 989-3498. Note:Due to regulations, comments have been turned off.

Life Insurance and the Single Girl

10/21/11: Reasons every woman should have an insurance policy Most young, single women don’t think about life insurance. In fact, less than 5% of all insurance policies sold in the past year have been contracts for single women. Most people in general don’t contemplate the need for life insurance until they get married, have a child, or incur a large debt. But even a single girl needs to give plenty of thought to purchasing a life insurance policy. Quint Cook, Executive Vice President and Wealth Consultant, states that there are many reasons one should have an insurance policy. He asks […]

A Single Girl’s Guide for Renegotiating Your Credit Card Debt

10/14/11 Negotiating terms and fees with your credit card company Whether it’s a result of trying to make ends meet during graduate school or falling victim to the lure of overpriced stilettos, most of us single girls have credit card debt. Overcoming the bad spending habits is just the first step. Paying off the debt in a timely manner is the next step. There are some quick and easy ways to negotiate the fees associated with your debt. Negotiating terms and fees with your credit card company can really save you money each month if done properly. Most of the […]

The Single Girl’s Guide to Creating a Budget

10/12/11 Determining your “needs” from your “wants” As a single girl, your household is managed on one salary. Often times, a woman’s income is less than a man’s within the same industry or field. In addition, women tend to have a more expensive lifestyle at an earlier age than men. This situation creates a justified reason for all single women to live by a monthly budget. As a single girl, your budget likely doesn’t include diapers, food for an entire family, or childcare costs. Despite the absence of these normal household expenditures, temptation to buy that gorgeous handbag or expensive […]