Dec 062013

Greg Powell, CIMAHow should you evaluate your portfolio in comparison to the record highs of the various stock market indices like the S&P 500 and the DOW? If investors gain a proper perspective on these indices, they can learn much about their investments and how to work towards achieving their financial goals.

Greg Powell, CIMA
Wealth Consultant

Sep 042013

Greg PowellKnowing whether you have enough saved for retirement and if it will last, can only ultimately be achieved with a complete financial blueprint. If you do not have a financial blueprint yet, we have a free online tool to help you get a better idea of where you stand.

Greg Powell, CIMA
Wealth Consultant

Jun 222012

06/21/12: Here’s a story of a couple in retirement who had a dilemma with generating income. This could happen to anyone. Could it happen to you?

Greg Powell, President/CEO and Wealth Consultant of the independent investment firm, fi-Plan Partners, tells how the couple got into this dilemma and how fi-Plan Partners was able to help them solve it.

Email Greg here if you have any questions or would like to talk further about your financial situation or call him at (205) 989-3498.

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Jun 132012

06/13/12: Where you’re income will come from in retirement is a vital question concerning your financial future and affects your anxiety. With interest rates and other changing factors, people are not able to generate the returns on their investment portfolios like they use to. Greg Powell, President/CEO and Wealth Consultant at fi-Plan Partners, discusses what kind of discussions you need to be having with your financial advisor and what you can do to help generate the income you need in retirement.

Greg would like to talk with you about your retirement or concerns you may have. Call him at (205) 989-3498 or email him here.

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May 252012

Franklin Bradford, VP Investing Stratagies 05/25/12: As you enter and move through your peak earning years, you’ll likely see your net worth steadily increase. However, you will still have some planning to do before reaching your financial goals, which is why it is so important to have a solid plan in place. Here are a two ideas to keep you on track.


  1. Tax Planning
    Chances are your income tax bracket is higher now than it was during your early years in the workforce and is more than it will be when you retire. You should consider maximizing pretax contributions to your employer sponsored retirement plan or making deductible contributions to an IRA (assuming you are eligible) to help lower current income while providing tax deferred savings opportunities. 

    Also, remember that short term capital gains are taxed as ordinary income, while long term capital gains and dividends are taxed at lower rates.

  2. Investment Answers

  3. Protecting What You Have
    As your wealth increases, it is important to preserve what you’ve accumulated and also, safeguard your future. Estate planning and life insurance are two of the cornerstones of a sound financial plan. A qualified legal professional can be invaluable in assisting you with implementing an estate plan that is best for your situation and or review an existing plan to ensure it is still consistent with your goals. 

    At fi-Plan Partners, we work with a number of great estate attorneys and are happy to make introductions on behalf of our clients.

From a financial standpoint, mid-life should be a time to take advantage of your most productive years, allowing you to better enjoy the fruits of your labor in the long run.

If you have any questions about your financial plan, please call me or email me here.

Franklin Bradford, CMT
Vice President
Wealth Consultant

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May 182012

Quint Cook financial planning05/18/12: An important element in a sound financial plan can be Social Security. Recently the Social Security Administration has made it easier to review your eligibility and benefit amounts through the government program. Now your Social Security statement can be viewed online. According to their official website, you will be able to see the following valuable information:

  • Estimates of the retirement and disability benefits you may receive
  • Estimates of benefits your family may get when you receive Social Security or die
  • A list of your lifetime earnings according to Social Security’s records
  • The estimated Social Security and Medicare taxes you’ve paid
  • Information about qualifying and signing up for Medicare
  • Things to consider for those age 55 and older who are thinking of retiring
  • General information about Social Security for everyone
  • The opportunity to apply online for retirement and disability benefits
  • A printable version of your Social Security Statement

    To get your statement online, you must first create an account with them. Once you have an account, you can view your Social Security statement at any time. Investment Answers

    To create an account, you must provide some personal information about yourself and give them answers to some questions that only you are likely to know.

    Next, you create a user name and password that you will use to access your online account. This process protects you and keeps your personal Social Security information private.

    To create your personal Social Security Account click here.

    I hope this has been helpful to you. At fi-Plan Partners, we like to keep our clients and friends up to date with important information that could impact their investments and financial lives. If you have any questions about Social Security and the role it plays in your financial plan, please email me here.

    Quint Cook
    Executive Vice President
    Wealth Consultant

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