How to Make Sure Your Insurance Policy is Performing Correctly

Share this insight with your friends01/27/12: Insurance can be a vital part of any financial plan, providing a sense of security during turbulent times. We expect that if we pay our premiums on time the policy will be there when we need it most. Over the past few years lapsing insurance policies are becoming more commonplace, even if all premium payments have been made on time. The problem began to arise as interest rates that are used for calculating cash values for life insurance polices began to fall. For example a policy that was sold showing a 12% interest rate […]

Life Insurance and the Single Girl

Share this insight with your friends10/21/11: Reasons every woman should have an insurance policy Most young, single women don’t think about life insurance. In fact, less than 5% of all insurance policies sold in the past year have been contracts for single women. Most people in general don’t contemplate the need for life insurance until they get married, have a child, or incur a large debt. But even a single girl needs to give plenty of thought to purchasing a life insurance policy. Quint Cook, Executive Vice President and Wealth Consultant, states that there are many reasons one should have […]