market catalyst

#175: The Next Market Catalyst That Could Grow Your Portfolio

We are always looking for what will be the next catalyst that will take the markets and your portfolio up. The next market catalyst could come if earnings catch up to price and make the market less expensive. The big negative risk will be if price drops to where earnings are. However, technology could be the market catalyst we are looking for.

portfolio to increase

#172: What Could Cause Your Portfolio To Increase This Week?

This week should give investors an idea of where the market is going and what could cause their portfolio to increase. We believe that the Fed is on the back burner which could allow the market to continue to rally.

market momentum

#171: Market Momentum. Can It Keep Going?

It will be a big week with corporate earnings and the Republican convention kicking off. The question is, “Can this market momentum keep going?” We’ve had a lot of great economic numbers come out in the past few weeks. Donald Trump’s policies could either make the markets more or less skittish.

made in china

#144 A New Meaning to Made In China

There is a new meaning to the expression “Made in China” as we see the impact of the Chinese stock market. Last week the markets started off on the wrong foot with both the Dow and the S&P 500 ended down 6%. That’s the worst start for the Dow ever, and the worst for the S&P 500 since 1927. China halted their trading twice last week and oil continued to plummet. The good news was the jobs report which beat expectations.

Corporate Bond Purchasing

#132 Why The Rise In Corporate Bonds Purchasing

Why are investors buying corporate bonds when they know interest rates could go up at anytime? That’s an interesting part of the debate. It could be that investors are buying corporate bonds because they really don’t believe interest rates are going up anytime soon. We are watching this closely because that determines how we allocate our portfolios.


#129 Earnings Impact On Your Investments

It’s earnings season and better than expected earnings reports can help investors. However, we must remember that these expectations have been lowered which means we could still see negative earnings growth.