Market Correction

#120 Is This A Market Correction Or A Bear Market?

Is this a market correction or a bear market? Does the US have a solid foundation compared to the rest of the global economy and could the next few months hold more emotionally driven volatility? We answer all these questions and more in the video.

#116 People Are Not Feeling Wealthy

#116 People Are Not Feeling Wealthy

People are not feeling wealthy. We can see by our research that shows they are paying down debt but they are not spending money on consumer goods. This could be because wages have not gone up with the jobs rate. More in the video.

#100 Interest Rate Armageddon?

#110 Interest Rate Armageddon?

The mainstream news macro theme for several years has been the Federal Reserve raising interest rates. Many people believe that all this attention on the Fed could lead to an interest rate Armageddon. History can shed some light.

New Market High

#107 The Reality Of A New Market High

The media has been spinning the news with headlines of a “new market high.” The market only has to go up 1 point from the previous day to be a new market high. Year to date the S&P 500 is only up 2.4% but the reality for investors is different. The news headlines aren’t always as big as they appear. More in the video.

#105 Interest Rates Are Going Up

#105 Interest Rates Are Going Up

Last week Janet Yellen announced that interest rates are going to go up sometime later in the year. We believe a rate hike in June is very unlikely but a possibility in September. Remember though that there is a lot of data that will come between now and then which is why we are here every day tracking it. More in the Video.