Corporate Bond Purchasing

#132 Why The Rise In Corporate Bonds Purchasing

Why are investors buying corporate bonds when they know interest rates could go up at anytime? That’s an interesting part of the debate. It could be that investors are buying corporate bonds because they really don’t believe interest rates are going up anytime soon. We are watching this closely because that determines how we allocate our portfolios.


#129 Earnings Impact On Your Investments

It’s earnings season and better than expected earnings reports can help investors. However, we must remember that these expectations have been lowered which means we could still see negative earnings growth.

Economic News

#128 Where Is The Good Economic News?

A client has asked, “With all the negative issues going on around the world, where is the good economic news?” In this post we will share the bright spots in a bombardment of negative economic news. Watch the video.

Market Correction

#120 Is This A Market Correction Or A Bear Market?

Is this a market correction or a bear market? Does the US have a solid foundation compared to the rest of the global economy and could the next few months hold more emotionally driven volatility? We answer all these questions and more in the video.

#116 People Are Not Feeling Wealthy

#116 People Are Not Feeling Wealthy

People are not feeling wealthy. We can see by our research that shows they are paying down debt but they are not spending money on consumer goods. This could be because wages have not gone up with the jobs rate. More in the video.

#100 Interest Rate Armageddon?

#110 Interest Rate Armageddon?

The mainstream news macro theme for several years has been the Federal Reserve raising interest rates. Many people believe that all this attention on the Fed could lead to an interest rate Armageddon. History can shed some light.