Artificial market growth

#130 Is This Market Growth Real?

We see much of the current market growth as artificial because it is not coming from our economy, but from international central banks. This is a case of international bad news translating into good news for our markets. This leads to the markets being more disjointed which impacts investors’ portfolios.

Economic News

#128 Where Is The Good Economic News?

A client has asked, “With all the negative issues going on around the world, where is the good economic news?” In this post we will share the bright spots in a bombardment of negative economic news. Watch the video.

risk in your portfolio

#126 Risk In Your Portfolio And Market Volatility Created By Politics

Whenever the government starts to debate on a debt ceiling or a government shutdown it creates an uneasiness in the markets and ultimately risk in your portfolio. While the economy is showing signs of growth, the markets respond more negatively to political front page news. There are however, areas where we see growth opportunities in the next two weeks. More in the video.

Market Uncertainty From The Fed And Politics

#125 Market Uncertainty From The Fed And Politics

Market uncertainty will stay with us until we get more clarity from the Fed on when they foresee raising interest rates. Washington is going to look very chaotic and disconnected from the public over the next few months. This will put a lot of pressure on the markets. More in the video.

#122 China Creates A Global Problem

#122 How China Will Impact Investors

China will impact investors not through the markets but through imports. If they continue to devalue their currency and market it would cause their export products to devalue, which will make it harder for the other economies to compete. More in the video.

#117 Republican Debate Serves As A Warning

#117 Republican Debate Serves As A Warning

This week’s Republican debate might not have much of an impact on your investments. However, the Republican debate serves as a warning that we are at the beginning of the political cycle that can kick up a lot of impactful smoke. More in the video.