stocks grow

#193: Stocks Grow: Will Your Portfolio Have A Happy Holiday?

This week we are seeing corporate earnings and corporate profits rebounding for the first time in the last five quarters. We need to see this momentum keep going as profits and earnings make stocks grow.

Portfolio Impact Data This Week

#193: Portfolio Impact Data This Week

the week ahead is full of a great deal of portfolio impact data. One could say that it is boring… but important. We are looking for a confirmation that our economy is still moving along.

What investors have to be thankful for

#192: What Investors Have To Be Thankful For

Surprisingly, there is much that investors can be thankful for this year. The election is behind us and with that all of the uncertainty that came with it. Last week we saw housing numbers jump up 25% and jobless claims go to the lowest they have been since 1973. Retail sales had their best two months in the past two years. This and other economic data gives us a positive outlook for the rest of the fourth quarter and the beginning of the new year.

The Election Pensions Portfolio

#187: The Election, Pensions, And Your Portfolio

Today it seems that the markets have priced in Hillary Clinton winning the election and the republicans retaining control of the House and Senate. What will bring about market volatility is any uncertainty about the results of the election.

distract the markets

#184: Shiny Objects That Can Distract The Markets And Your Portfolio

Right now, many people are focused on the presidential election. This can be one of several shiny objects that can distract the markets and your portfolio. Some investors may be distracted from focusing on the important issues that could affect their investments.

debate winner

#183: Can The Markets Determine Debate Winner?

Historically, the markets react differently after a presidential debate depending upon who it perceives as the debate winner. Regardless of who your candidate is, the market will respond with its own perception. Here is what we believe could happen in either scenario.