Negative Portfolio impact

#148 Negative Portfolio Impact Factors

There are a lot of “what-ifs” out there that have the potential to have a negative portfolio impact. We will bring you up to date on the most important ones.

Negative Interest Rates

#147 Negative Interest Rates and Iowa Caucuses Predictions

In this episode we will answer the questions: What is the impact of negative interest rates, why the US markets rallied on Friday, why we are not buying into equities, and who do we think will come out on top in the Iowa presidential caucuses?


#143 Debating The “What Ifs” Of The Markets In 2016

Today we are discussing the rippling effects of 2015 and the “What Ifs” of 2016 that could impact the markets in 2016 and your portfolio this year.

market uncertainty

#142 More Market Uncertainty For 2016

2016 is looking like it will possibly be another year of market uncertainty. The Fed has said it will raise interest rates four times but the market is only pricing in two. That shows a lot of uncertainty.

gasoline prices

#141 Gasoline Prices Are Like A Tax Cut

AAA reported gasoline prices average nationally at $2 per gallon. That is like a $1 billion national tax rebate. How does that equal per licensed driver in the United States? See how much money gas prices have put back in your pocket this year in the video.

Artificial market growth

#130 Is This Market Growth Real?

We see much of the current market growth as artificial because it is not coming from our economy, but from international central banks. This is a case of international bad news translating into good news for our markets. This leads to the markets being more disjointed which impacts investors’ portfolios.