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What are these?

Easy ways to connect with fi-Plan Partners, friends, family, and interest groups online


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These useful online tools are a part of what is called "social media." Simply put, social media is any online tool or community that allows you to communicate, develop, and maintain relationships with different people, groups, and organizations. Who you decide to connect with is your choice.

They can be completely private or as public as you choose.

What you need to get involved:

You have a computer and you are online (or you wouldn't be reading this) so you have everything you need.

Here is a list and brief explanations of the most popular social media tools we use to communicate with our clients, business profesionals, and anyone who is interested in what we do.


facebook iconCurrently the #1 social media site on the internet, Facebook allows users to create their own social environment and interact with old and new friends, join goups of people with similar interests. It's free, quick, and easy to get started.

How to use:

  • Create a free account complete with your profile and picture(s)
  • Find other people on Facebook like friends, family members, old school mates, work associates, or people who just like the same brand of coffee you do
  • Send messages (like email) to people you find
  • Look at your friends' Facebook pages to see what they are up to and view their pictures
  • Have a live online chat with a friend
  • Post pictures of yourself, your vacation, etc.
  • Write comments under yours and other people's pictures
  • Post on your "Wall" (your Facebook profile page that others see) whatever you are currently doing or thinking about at the moment.

Connect with fi-Plan Partners on Facebook here and stay informed on financial updates, news, and events.

View Greg Powell's Facebook page here.


blog iconBlogging gives anyone with access to the internet a place where they can write and post short articles about their interests, hobbies, activities, and expertise. There are blogs about everything from business, tips on being a mom, riding bikes, and traveling. The possibilities are unlimited!

How to Use:

  • Find a blog about something you are interested in through a search engine like Google or Yahoo
  • Subscribe by signing up for email notifications or RSS Feed (see explaination below )
  • Read blogs at your leasure

Subscribe to our blog here and read articles that will give you financial insights about the financial world and how it affects you.

View our blog here.


twitter iconReferred to as "micro-blogging" (see blogging above), Twitter is a social media tool that lets you post very short blogs (Tweets) which must be kept under 140 characters. Think of it as a live, real time email that is only seen by the people who have chosen to follow your Tweets. Tweets can have links to pictures and other related articles on the internet.

The easiest way to understand it is to try it. It's free, quick, and easy to get started. You can view our Twitter page here.

How to Use:

There are a million different ways to use Twitter. You can choose to only follow friends or family members (particularly good for staying in touch throughout the day with loved ones who do not live near you) or you can follow only the people who share your interests and hobbies.

  • Set up a free account at Twitter
  • Follow Twitter's tips on getting started
  • Use to find people with similar interests
  • Read other Twitter users' tweets several times a day or whenever it's convenient
  • Beware! This can be addicting...

Connect with fi-Plan Partners by following us on Twitter here and receive short updates on the Stock Market, new blog posts, eNewsletters, and related links to other online resources. You can even set up your Twitter account to recieve our Tweets on your phone, giving you the ability to stay on top of the markets like never before.

View our Twitter page here.


LinkedIn iconThink of Facebook for business people. LinkedIn allows you to develope an online community like Facebook but with a total business focus. People use LinkedIn to network, sell their products and services, improve their skills, increase business knowledge, and even look for jobs.

How to Use:

  • Set up a free account at LinkedIn
  • Follow their simple steps for getting started
  • Connect with business professionals, groups, and organizations that are in the same or related business as yourself

You Tube

YouTube iconFree videos online! You can view millions of videos posted by amatuers and professionals. Is there an old commercial from the 70's you miss seeing? Most likely someone has posted it on YouTube.

How to use:

  • No account is needed to view unlimited videos
  • If you want to post your own videos (ie. your vacation or holiday videos), create a free account and follow the instructions to upload your own videos

View our T.V. commercial below or on YouTube here.


It's Your Life, It's Your Money Video (30 sec.)

RSS Feed

RSS Feed iconAn acronym for "Really Simple Syndication" or "Rich Site Summary." Simply put, it is' a way for you to receive simple updates from your favorite blogs or websites whenever they post something new. This keeps you from having to log on to multiple websites everyday just to check for new things.

How to use:

  • Decide if you want the RSS feed to come to your email or a "Feed Reader" like iGoogle or RSSReader.
  • If you choose a reader, set up a free account at iGoogle or RSSReader
  • When you find a website or blog that you enjoy, look for the RSS icon (orange square icon pictured above) or a subscribe link and you are on your way
  • Login to your feed reader and you now have one place online to check for all your favorite website and blog updates

Subscribe to our updates for this website and blogs here.


If you have any question about how to get connected to fi-Plan Partners, email Chris Davis, Director of Integrated Communications here or call him at (205) 989-3498.