Negative Portfolio impact

#148 Negative Portfolio Impact Factors

There are a lot of “what-ifs” out there that have the potential to have a negative portfolio impact. We will bring you up to date on the most important ones.

Negative Interest Rates

#147 Negative Interest Rates and Iowa Caucuses Predictions

In this episode we will answer the questions: What is the impact of negative interest rates, why the US markets rallied on Friday, why we are not buying into equities, and who do we think will come out on top in the Iowa presidential caucuses?

Market Rally

#146 Do Not Trust The Market Rally Last Week

In today’s video blog you can hear (or read) about the many reasons you cannot trust last week’s market rally. Short covering, international quantitative easing, and investors’ false hope in the Fed caused this artificial growth. We will tell you about an indicator coming out this week which can tell investors if we really have a healthy market or not. In a bear market, it is all about capital preservation. We discuss the issues that will determine how we react to this market.

bear market

#145 Is This A Bear Market Leading To A Recession?

We believe it is possible to have a bear market without a recession. The US is not really in a weak economic position. That does not mean that the stock market cannot go down. The markets can be a reflection of things to come and… (more in the video)

made in china

#144 A New Meaning to Made In China

There is a new meaning to the expression “Made in China” as we see the impact of the Chinese stock market. Last week the markets started off on the wrong foot with both the Dow and the S&P 500 ended down 6%. That’s the worst start for the Dow ever, and the worst for the S&P 500 since 1927. China halted their trading twice last week and oil continued to plummet. The good news was the jobs report which beat expectations.


#143 Debating The “What Ifs” Of The Markets In 2016

Today we are discussing the rippling effects of 2015 and the “What Ifs” of 2016 that could impact the markets in 2016 and your portfolio this year.