Market movers

#188: Potential Market Movers – Earnings, Election, Economy

There are several potential market movers this week. There is a theme we are calling the 3 E’s, which are the earnings, the election, and the economy. Starting with the election, we believe the market has priced in a Clinton victory. Now attention is turning to the House of Representatives.

The Election Pensions Portfolio

#187: The Election, Pensions, And Your Portfolio

Today it seems that the markets have priced in Hillary Clinton winning the election and the republicans retaining control of the House and Senate. What will bring about market volatility is any uncertainty about the results of the election.

John McMillan

#186: Interview with John McMillan, AL Commissioner of Agriculture and Industries

Greg Powell, CIMA, President and CEO of fi-Plan Partners sat down to talk with John McMillan, AL Commissioner of Agriculture and Industries. Greg and John discussed what are the biggest issue facing these industries today, the future of Alabama’s timber industry, the buy local, by fresh trend, the future of Alabama politics, and his involvement with it.

topics we should be debating

#185: Topics We Should Be Debating In This Country

All eyes in our country right now are on the presidential debate. We believe that there are so many other things we should be debating in this country. These other topics tie to the investor and the American voter who have retirement accounts and investment portfolios.

distract the markets

#184: Shiny Objects That Can Distract The Markets And Your Portfolio

Right now, many people are focused on the presidential election. This can be one of several shiny objects that can distract the markets and your portfolio. Some investors may be distracted from focusing on the important issues that could affect their investments.

debate winner

#183: Can The Markets Determine Debate Winner?

Historically, the markets react differently after a presidential debate depending upon who it perceives as the debate winner. Regardless of who your candidate is, the market will respond with its own perception. Here is what we believe could happen in either scenario.