Short But Busy Week In The Markets

#137 A Short But Busy Week In The Markets

In today’s video we will discuss the news and reports coming out this holiday week that can impact the markets. We will also discuss how the housing growth and oil prices are impacting the US consumer. Housing growth and the US consumer As you have heard as a consistent theme here on our blog, we really need to get the consumer back. People have not been as confident since the financial crisis, so they are not as willing to take out a home equity line of credit or do a cash refinance of their home. The amount of multiplier impact […]

Mark Casady Interview

#136 An Interview with Mark Casady of LPL Financial

In this special edition of Investors’ Insights, I had the opportunity to sit down with the Chairman and CEO of LPL Financial, Mark Casady, to discuss how LPL supports fi-Plan Partners in giving their clients the best possible service through technology, research, and resources.

global economy

#135 What Can Keep The Global Economy Moving?

The G20 Summit leaders have much to figure out this week as the global economy is cluttered with many critical issues that impact us all. Because of their past initiatives, the Syrian refugee crisis, Japan’s deflation, and most countries having massive debt, the G20 leaders are running out of ammunition to keep the global economy moving.

Good signs for the economy

#134 Good Signs For The Economy

There are a good signs for the economy as the market reacted positively to last weeks’ Jobs and Wage reports. This could indicate a possible interest rate hike but there is still much to consider at this point. More in the video.

Scott Padgett Interview

#133 Scott Padgett, Head Basketball Coach, Samford University, Interview

Welcome to a special interview edition of Investors’ Insights. Today we have in our fi-Plan Partners studio Scott Padgett who is one of the top young collegiate basketball coaches in the nation. He is also 1 of only 10 former NBA players who hold a collegiate head coach position today. Scott talks with Greg Powell about his business approach to coaching and how it has transformed the Samford Bulldogs’ program into a competitor for the Southern Conference championship and he rapidly revamped Samford’s recruiting efforts which has turned Samford University into a destination campus.

Corporate Bond Purchasing

#132 Why The Rise In Corporate Bonds Purchasing

Why are investors buying corporate bonds when they know interest rates could go up at anytime? That’s an interesting part of the debate. It could be that investors are buying corporate bonds because they really don’t believe interest rates are going up anytime soon. We are watching this closely because that determines how we allocate our portfolios.