Conservative Portfolio Strategies

#163 Why We Have A Conservative Portfolio Strategy

We currently have a conservative portfolio strategy because of the Fed’s very hawkish statement last week, low earnings, and a drop in market expectations. Now that bad earnings are in the rear view mirror, we are looking at a very unaccommodating Fed in front of us. There is a lot of information that is all over the board.

Gas Prices Rise

#162: Gas Prices Rise And Impact More Than Your Wallet

With the Memorial Day weekend fast approaching we are starting to see gas prices on the rise along with some positive news about consumer spending and the housing market. Even if this is a short-term rise in oil prices, it could hurt the consumer, as we will see gas prices rise at the pumps.


#161 Canadian Oil Fires Impact Portfolios

Canadian oil fires have taken around a third of their production off line. Most of that oil ships directly to the US. This will have a direct affect on oil prices and possibly our gas prices. Ironically, this is happening right before the summer when historically gas prices go up as more people travel.

technology stocks

#160 Investors With Technology Stocks

While April was a relatively good month, technology companies were the big weakness. Part of the problem is because of the Fed and the artificial growth it has been creating.

what will make portfolios go up

#159 What Will Make Portfolios Go Up?

Currently here are many mixed messages in the markets. While many companies have been beating their low earnings expectations, the tech companies, which have been holding up the economy, are underperforming. With these contradictions, investors are asking, “What will make portfolios go up?” Our answer in the video.

market uncertainty

#158: Market Uncertainty Over Upcoming Elections

We had a mixed bag of economic reports come out last week, some good some bad. The jobless claims report was good but the bad was in retail sales and small business sentiment, which hit a new year low. We believe a lot of business owners have fears concerning the upcoming elections. There is an uncertainty and the markets don’t like uncertainty.