Our Team

The markets change daily. New developments. New twists. New events. The torrent of change makes it impossible for any one professional to keep up and provide sound advice, no matter how savvy that person is.

Instead, your financial success is a team effort. Our entire team of specialists coordinates to advise you on your portfolio and how to make your Financial Blueprint a reality. With diversity of knowledge and experience, we can look at your wealth from different viewpoints, to ensure every opportunity has been explored.

Why does our financial firm use a team approach?

One adviser always keeps an eagle eye on your portfolio. Another makes sure you’re on track with your financial goals. Another might call you to suggest moves in your portfolio when opportunities arise.

In short, you don’t just have one advisor. Fi Plan Partners offers a staff of specialists, all of whom are devoted to growing your wealth and dedicated to building Your Financial House®. The way we see it, the more expertise dedicated to your needs, the better.

Greg Powell

Bobby Norman
Senior Vice President

Jay H. McGowan
Director of Financial Planning

Ashley Page
Senior Vice President

Trey Booth

Trey Booth
Senior Vice President

Adam Vansant
Associate Vice President

Keri Fish
Chief Operating Officer

Felicia Ludlum
Operations Specialist

Renee Frank
Corporate Office Manager

Yvette Maddox
Financial Planning Coordinator

Jason Hatley
Financial Planning Coordinator