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Our Clients

We are interested in taking on new clients, but we are not the right financial planning and wealth management firm for everyone.

We work best with clients who desire:

  • strategies designed to grow their wealthGreg with clients pic
  • proactive, unbiased advice
  • constant communications
  • open dialogue
  • their accounts to be insured (investments insured up to $100,000,000 through LPL)
  • high standard of ethics and integrity
  • other financial concierge service
  • coordination of all the professionals in their life
  • advisors who educate them instead of trying to sell them product
  • sincere appreciation for them as a person not just as a client
  • a competitive advisor who strives everyday to be the best in the industry
  • an advisor who makes them think about the decisions that affect their lives


Julie with client



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