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Robert Moore, LPL Financial InterviewRobert Moore, President of LPL Financial talks with Greg Powell about the future of investing and how the financial world is changing. Watch here.


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Current Economica and Market Outlook
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Our Investment Strategy



Our Investment Philosophy

Greg Powell,  financial advisor, talks investment strategies with a clientWe believe the financial service industry is in total disarray. We believe that our investment strategies and processes are superior to our competition. Our competitive spirit drives us everyday to prove that there is a better way for individuals to achieve their financial independence.

Quint Cook, financial advisor, with clientJust as our forefathers of this country wrote the Declaration of Independence, we believe each of our clients needs a financial plan that becomes their Declaration of Financial Independence and it enables us to fully understand the vision they have for their life. When your financial plan is based upon your vision, it provides accountability for portfolio performance to your goals. We like to win for our clients.

Investment strategies need to be proactive. The philosophy of "buy and hold" is unacceptable.

How We Create Our Investment Strategies

Watch our short video "How We Create Our Investment Strategies" here.

Our Unique Process

Your Financial House iconWe do not like people to talk over our heads. We like to communicate in terms that everyone can understand. Our unique process, Your Financial House©, emphasizes the importance that everyone should have a financial blueprint. Would you work with a builder who is willing to build you a house without using a blueprint? The same applies to a financial advisor who is wiling to place your money in financial products without providing a financial plan.

We build each of our clients a custom Financial Blueprint. Our Your Financial House© process enables us to ask questions which help determine how much risk you need to take in order to achieve your dreams and goals.

Why take risks if you don't have to?

You not only want to grow your wealth, but you also want to preserve what you have. So often, after we have done our analysis, prospective clients realize that they have been taking far more risks in their investment strategies than what was necessary to achieve their life time goals.

We want to limit as much risk as possible while providing returns through appreciation and income. This way you won't lay awake at night wondering if your investment strategies will fail to meet your goals.