Jon Roberts

Senior Vice President, CFP®, MBA, Wealth Consultant

Developing custom Financial Blueprints

Jon Roberts heads up our financial planning department where clients are asked questions and given guidance on topics that potentially could improve or negatively impact their ability to achieve their financial goals. Jon also plays a key role in the risk return analysis a client will need in working towards achieving their goals.  As the “Architect” in the Your Financial House® process, Jon designs custom Financial Blueprints for you, your family, and your business. He works closely with Greg Powell, the “Builder,” overseeing the Your Financial House® process. His vast knowledge, experience and insight gives him the ability to coordinate with the other professionals who are important to your financial life, such as your CPA or estate attorney.


He received his undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering from The University of Alabama and his Masters in Business Administration with a concentration in Financial Risk. These two degrees, along with an incredible ability to listen, gives Jon the strong capabilities to understand how a client envisions their life and financial goals as he walks clients through the financial planning process.

The value of planning

Jon is one of the few people we know who not only understands financial derivatives, but he can explain it in terms that people can understand. The combination of engineering and business give Jon the incredible gift to not only communicate with our clients, but also help them understand the value of planning for their future.


Jon Roberts is originally from Gilbertown, Alabama. It is there in his hometown that he developed a passion for the outdoors. He is an avid hunter and fisherman.