Dean Howard Finch Discusses The Future Of Business Education

Howard Finch, Dean of The Brock School of Business at Samford University, joins us today for a special edition of Investors’ Insights. Greg Powell is a Samford graduate from the business school and serves on the Brock School of Business Advisory Board of which he is the former chair.

Staying on the cutting edge at the Brock School of Business

Samford’s business school is currently building a new building which has a live webcam documenting the construction in real time. You can view it here. This new location will bring their academic center to a new level not just for students but also as a resource to the business community. On a recent visit to our office here in Hoover, AL, Dean Finch graciously agreed to an impromptu interview for Investors’ Insights.

Online business education

The business school has recently launched their entire MBA program online making this degree available to business professionals across the country. This online program delivers the same level of education as the classroom on campus. This is good news for the many Samford alumni who now live in other cities, but who still have strong ties to the university.

The future of business education

Dean Finch sees the future of business education and the industry trending towards accounting. This will continue to be a focus of the Brock School of Business along with banking, finance, and entrepreneurship. The hottest new academic program in the business school is Sports Marketing. Led by Dr. Darin White, who has a strong national reputation in this area, this is an depth program that allows business students to apply their knowledge, skills, and perspective in the sports industry. The Brock School of Business has many alumni throughout the nation who work in the billion dollar sports industry, and they are able to provide internships for students in this program.

A resource for professionals

Under the leadership of Dean Finch, The Brock School of Business continues to strengthen the diplomas of every graduate of Samford University. We encourage every Samford alum to be involved with their alma mater and especially with the Brock School of Business. Samford alumni can participate in the Samford Business Network which hosts several networking events each semester around the country and currently in Birmingham, Alabama, Atlanta, Nashville, Washington, DC, Dothan, Alabama, and Montgomery, Alabama. More information on the Samford Business Network can be found here.

You can also connect with The Brock School of Business on the following social media links:

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Future of Business Education

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