#201: GDP, Europe, and the Economy Trump Will Inherit

What GDP will tell the Trump administration

GDPFriday’s new GDP will be the big news of the week. This report will give us an idea of the kind of economy the Trump administration will be inheriting. The last GDP number was 3.2% with the outlier of a soybean export increase. Friday’s report will tell us if that was just a blip on the radar. We discussed in a recent vlog how this could have distorted this GDP number and that we would eventually return to normal.

Britain’s Prime Minister Teresa May will visit Trump

GDPAlso on this Friday, the Prime Minister of Great Britain, Teresa May, will fly in and be the first foreign leader to visit with Donald Trump. We believe this is not a coincident as their rise to power is similar and they are both populists. They will be discussing the European Union and NATO among other topics.

Regulatory changes for a stronger economy

GDPThere may be more regulatory changes on the way. We have already seen regulatory changes in NAFTA, the Trans Pacific, and other agreements. If more regulations like these would be eliminated, we could see a lot more mid-range growth from the bottom up with new businesses like we had in the 1990’s. This would bring back optimism which would translate in to a stronger economy. If we see small businesses grow, banks will be lending more money, there will be more hiring of people, which lead to people spending more money, and on and on it goes.

Markets are watching Trump

The jury is still out as President Trump said in his inauguration speech that he wanted more political action and less political speech. As we start this first week of his administration, the markets will be watching closely to see how all this plays out.

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