Lt. Gov. Kay Ivey Interview: Business, Technology, and the Military

Investors’ Insights Special Edition with Lt. Gov. Kay Ivey

I am very excited to have Lt. Gov. Kay Ivey with us today for a special edition of Investors’ Insights. Lt. Gov. Ivey’s leadership has played a key role in the economic and political environment in Alabama which has impacted business and the local economy.

Lt. Gov. Kay Ivey is from Camden, AL, is an Auburn graduate, and has held many positions in banking. She has been the Alabama State Treasurer, worked in hospital administration, and she is one of only two women who have held the Lt. Governor position in Alabama and the only female Republican to hold the office.

The biggest challenges for Alabama business owners

Lt. Gov. Kay Ivey believes the biggest challenges for Alabama business owners is the overreach of the Obama administration with unnecessary punitive regulations such as the Environmental Protection Agency and ObamaCare. These unnecessary interventions negatively impact the coal and other industries (more in the video).

Apathy is another challenge for business owners. Lt. Gov. Ivey believes that people who are pro businesses are not engaged in politics will make our state weak. You don’t have to be elected to have an impact on politics. There are many appointed positions that need to be filled by people who are qualified in a particular area. She encourages people to let it be known that they would like to be appointed. Business owners can also volunteer in various business groups such as the AL Workforce Council (more in the video).

The Lt. Governor reminded me that we had the opportunity to work together on the Committee to Improve State Government to which I was appointed by Governor Robert Bentley. We worked hard and in six months we put together a plan that has become the foundation for much of the streamlining and right-sizing of state government. It was an honor for me to serve and working with her inspired me to become more involved.

Technology’s impact on business owners

Recently Lt. Gov. Kay Ivey attended the Republican Lt. Governors’ Conference where Newt Gingrich Skyped in to speak to the group. The Former U.S. representative told attendees that most smartphones are more powerful than your computer because of the apps that they use. An app, just like the Fi Plan Partners app, places the user in direct touch with the provider so you don’t have to have a bureaucracy.

Lt. Gov. Kay Ivey discussed two interesting app scenarios. The first was the ability to connect to your doctor on your phone, face to face, tell the doctor your symptoms, and receive a prescription without even having to visit the doctor’s office. This could totally transform the Veterans Affairs Administration structure.

The second was an app called Duolingo. Wherever you are in AL you will find people who don’t speak English. This app gives individuals the ability to learn another language right in the palm of their hand.
Lt. Gov. Ivey believes the iPhone will continue to be a driving force in changing informational technology. This will go a long way in breaking down business and political bureaucracies. Therefore it is very important for business owners to get up to speed on technology and stay current on the changes (more in the video).

Supporting military

Lt. Gov. Kay Ivey is passionately involved in serving as the Chairman of the Military Stability Commission. She finds this to be one of the most personally rewarding appointments as the Lt. Governor. She has worked hard to prevent any attempt to realign our military in the state of Alabama. Alabama is blessed to have four great military installations. Lt. Gov. Kay Ivey believes it is important for every citizen to stay in touch with these military bases and support their efforts in preserving, protecting, and adding to our military missions and bases (more in the video).

I want to personally thank Lt. Gov. Kay Ivey for her leadership, passion, and energy that she brings to our great state. She is very dedicated to engaging the citizens of our state and working with them to to give us a great future.

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