Obamacare: How We Are Analyzing It For Investors

07/03/12: (Recorded on 06/28/12) The landmark Supreme Court decision last week upholding Obamacare will have a major impact on individuals, healthcare, and the economy. Whether that impact will be good or bad is still to be determined. At our financial planning, wealth management and investment firm, we have been analyzing it, asking questions, and researching how this will affect our clients’ portfolios and quality of life. Our Portfolio Strategy Team is constantly working together to provide the best strategies designed to grow our clients’ wealth. Watch for more updates on our analysis of Obamacare over the coming months.

Do you have your own questions concerning the impact of Obamacare on you and your family? Greg Powell would like to talk with you. Call him at (205) 989-3498 or email him here.

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