Planning in Uncertain Times


Where Are You Financially?

When things are uncertain, we want to provide you with knowledge and help you understand where the information you’re hearing is coming from. We want to show you how it impacts you and if it’s going to change your life in any way. We can help you with any decisions, if any, that need to be made in times like these. This vlog is full of information for you. It’s about helping you understand our amazing, in depth process called Your Financial House® in which we can build you a Financial Blueprint® that looks at your overall life and not just bits and pieces. Through this whole pandemic situation and going forward, you can look at it and have discussions with us here at Fi Plan Partners. We will walk you through each room of Your Financial House®, answering and asking questions to help you understand where you really are, financially, and to also help you understand what your dreams and goals are now and for later in life.

Stay on Track

Life is not going to stop following this situation that we have going on in our country today. We are working hard to keep our clients on track during this pandemic by using smart technology. We are meeting with our people virtually as they sit on their computers or phone in the comfort of their own home. We have shown many of them where they are financially in relation to the current markets just by going over their Financial Blueprint®. We have had people reaching out to us via email, phone, and social media saying how concerned they are about where they are in life right now and we’ve been able, without hesitation, to help them. We can also meet with you! Through our smart technology resources, we can put together a Financial Blueprint for YOU that starts today. We can plug in any big decisions you’re thinking about making currently as well as things you want to do later in life, such new home or car purchases. We will look at all the different options you can take as you move forward and show you how it will or will not impact your overall goals.

Do You Own a Business?

If you own a business, we can do a business analysis so that we you can see your overall financial health, business and personal, and see how they go together in your plan. In times like now you might be wondering how you’re going to keep your doors open and how you’re going to pay your employees. With our financial planning and Business Consulting strategies, we can help you with what assets and availability of funds are out there that you can fully utilize through this trying time.

The Main Focus

Your Financial House® not only includes your goals and dreams but it also represents your relationships and your family. Taking care of your kids is a huge part of your life as well and caring for your grandkids. Do you have a dependent parent? How can you help your elderly parents in this time when they’re being quarantined, and they can’t get out and socialize? What’s their financial picture going forward, as well? How does this impact my retirement? What about social security, Medicare, Medicaid? All these questions tie into your blueprint. The pandemic and the markets are a topic of discussion, but the reality of it is, by having a plan in place, you understand there’s so much more than just what’s going on in the market. We can do worst-case planning, not to make you panic but to help you see that you’re okay. Many times, we sit down in person or virtually and have people go, you mean I’m okay? We often hear, “You mean if I just make this decision or that decision that I can move forward in achieving my dreams and goals?” It gets people to think in a whole new way. In addition to that in the lifestyle room, we look and have dialogue about your expenses and not to put you on a budget. We want to understand how you live and how you reward yourself and your family so that we can work around that. As we get through these times, the 2020 pandemic, we want you to understand that the planning still enables you to make decisions going forward that will help you even more, no matter what’s going on right now. As they like to say, where there’s chaos there’s opportunity. By doing the planning, we can show you where the opportunities are within the chaos. From there it gives you the knowledge and the confidence to confront the fear and know that you’re making the right decisions. It has nothing to do with market volatility, how things are going up and down, but more to do with the fact that you’re on track. This vlog is not to answer questions but more so to get you to seek out solutions. Share this with everybody while they are at home so that we can help people get educated and understand that by having a plan in place and your money managed according to your Financial Blueprint®, you could very well still be on track to achieve those dreams and goals no matter what the market is doing. If any reason you aren’t, you know what tweaks you need to make to get there to have confidence moving forward.



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