Investing Insights: The Democratization Of Government And Your Portfolio

Greg Powell, investing consultantThe Privatization of Government

A recent Economist magazine highlights an important topic for investing. The privatization of government. Why is that important for investing? Watch this vlog as I discuss how the government could cut their debt and improve their efficiency by selling assets and how that could open up new investing opportunities for you.

Technology and Investing

Technology has changed education and healthcare and now the government is in need of an upgrade and/or privatization. There could be key investing opportunities if the government privatizes certain areas as those sectors could go public with IPOs and company buy outs.


These are the types of trends we are watching to determine if they may be good investing opportunities for your portfolio. We then determine the portfolio strategies needed to take advantage of these trends and improve the return on your investments. We believe technology will continue to change the way we do investing and change the way our government operates.

Greg Powell, CIMA
Wealth Consultant

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Greg Powell is President and CEO of Fi Plan Partners, an independent investing firm in Birmingham, AL, serving clients across the nation through financial planning, wealth management and business consulting.
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