Retirement Planning Uncertainty

Staggering Statistics

An article from Investor Business Daily was released over this past weekend that stated that half of all American retirees will have to make big spending cuts within five years of retiring. A study by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau said that only 51% of Americans that retired between 1992 and 2014 had enough income to sustain the level of income that they were used to or that they were expecting to have in retirement. Those people had to make cuts within their expenses. On average their living expenses and lifestyle were cut by 28%, which is a staggering statistic. So, nearly half of Americans within five years after retirement are having to adjust their expenses down 28% or over a quarter of what they normally spend. Why are people in that situation in the first place? The answer is that those people most likely did not have a sound financial plan in place going into retirement.

The Right Way

Here at Fi Plan Partners, when we build comprehensive plans, we look at every scenario and we model it out to age 100 using very conservative inputs. From the years 1992 to 2014, when this study was done, there were a lot of interesting and volatile things happening in the stock market and in the world in general. The Gulf war, the dot com bubble, 9/11, and the great recession are a few of those things. All of these caused extreme volatility in the markets. When we put together Financial Blueprints for our clients, we build those volatile situations in. We make sure that we incorporate everything that could happen in the future in those plans. As a result, your plan can weather the storm no matter what happens once you retire. Looking at the statistics from recent studies really illustrates the importance of creating a Financial Blueprint and how important it is to have a solid plan in place that’s stress-tested for worst-case scenarios. We do just that at Fi Plan Partners. It ensures that whatever your retirement and goals look like, that you can achieve those no matter what the situation.

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