#197: What Is Driving The Markets? A Santa Claus Rally?

santa claus rally

Whatever was driving the markets, it stalled

The market stalled last week when the Fed came out with its interest rate increase. We find it interesting that the market looked shocked at the Fed’s action even though everyone knew it was going to happen. One reason for this is that the Fed is projecting three more rate hikes next year. Who knows if that will happen. The big driver for more rate hikes will be if more inflation actually comes to fruition. It’s nice to have this conversation since we have been talking about deflation for so long now.

Focusing on the real market drivers

santa claus rallyNow that the noise of the election and the Fed raising rates is behind us, we can focus on what is and will continue driving the markets. This week is loaded with a lot of economic numbers that will give us just that. We will see numbers from housing, 3rd quarter GDP, durable goods, and personal income.

Good combination for GDP

Many economists are projecting that the 3rd quarter GDP numbers will be revised up. We like to see this but more than that, we like where this push is coming from. The reason GDP will be revised up is coming from a combination of better consumer spending and better construction spending, on both the residential and commercial side. We haven’t seen this combination in a long time but it was going on pre-election.

Busy, yet positive time of year

santa claus rallyThis is a busy time of the year in the economy and with all the political rhetoric. Yet, there is still a lot of positive things going on in the economy. All this will continue into 2017 and we will keep you updated as the weeks move along.

Have a great holiday season and we look forward to bringing you more insights soon.


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