Potential Scenarios With Economic Impact

What if things don’t get better in the world? There’s a lot of bad news out there. There are several scenarios that could have a dramatic economic impact in the United States. Let’s take a look at several of these and how we believe they could impact our economy and your investments.

The economic impact of Baby Boomers and technology

The Baby Boom generation is aging which means they are not buying as much because they are not accumulating wealth. Technology is changing everything from how we do business to how products are made. These two factors combined could bring about deflation in our country.

Economic impact from Russia

Vladimir Putin may be the richest man in Russia but his country could very well go bankrupt. US sanctions against Russia, because of the situation in the Ukraine, are having a huge economic impact on Russia. As these sanctions cause their economy to slow down, we could be getting ready to see things unravel in Russia.

Economic impact from the Middle East

If ISIS continues to get out of control, the US will have to reconfigure their strategy in the Middle East. This could get more complicated. By 2021 the US will be the biggest exporter of energy in the world with Israel in second place. If Europe starts buying more of its energy from Israel, that will change the US strategy in the Middle East. This political and economic scenario will continue to change so we are watching this closely.

The economic impact on the US

It’s important for investors to remember that 90% of the internet and technology companies in the world are based in the United States. While technology may be brining prices down which could contribute to deflation, the US greatly benefits from having these companies in the country.

Because the US is leading the world in technology development and is also the largest exporter of energy, it makes us the best house in a bad neighborhood. While China on the outside appears to have a growing economy, with the population explosion and lack of jobs, they are not the power house they want everyone to believe they are. So we don’t view China as a big threat economically.

We are constantly researching and debating these potential scenarios and many others. If you have questions about this or your current investments, call me at (205) 989-3498 or email me here.
Economic impact scenarios
Greg Powell, CIMA
Wealth Consultant


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