#133 Scott Padgett, Head Basketball Coach, Samford University, Interview

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An interview with Scott Padgett

Welcome to a special interview edition of Investors’ Insights. Today we have in our Fi Plan Partners studio one of the top young collegiate basketball coaches in the nation. He is also 1 of only 10 former NBA players who hold a collegiate head coach position today. That person is Scott Padgett.

Scott Padgett background

Scott Anthony Padgett is a retired American professional basketball player and current head basketball coach at Samford University. Scott was a collegiate standout at the University of Kentucky, a NCAA champion, and a first-round NBA draft pick. During his NBA career he played for the Utah Jazz, Houston Rockets, New Jersey Nets, and Memphis Grizzlies.

The business process of Scott Padgett

There is much business professionals can learn from Scott Padgett. Under his leadership, Scott quickly transformed the Samford Bulldogs’ program into a competitor for the Southern Conference championship and he rapidly revamped Samford’s recruiting efforts which has turned Samford University into a destination campus.

Many of our viewers might remember Scott speaking to our group last year when we hosted our Birmingham area clients at a Samford Basketball game. We are excited to have Scott share his thoughts and insight with us again.

More information about Scott Padgett and Samford Athletics here.

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