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Business Consulting

We actively assist our clients — individuals and businesses alike — with the management and growth of their wealth that is not invested in the markets. This service distinguishes our firm from others and has been one of our core competencies since our founding. Incorporating and planning for non-market assets allows us to carefully and strategically manage all aspects of our clients’ wealth.

Consulting Services for Businesses

  • Strategic planning for purchase, sale, or streamlining of business
  • The transition of business within families
  • Investment banking transactions
  • Arrangement of commercial loan financing, conventional & SBA
  • Commercial loan and investment policy reviews for banks and credit unions

Consulting Services for Individuals

  • Purchase and sale of residential property, timberland, vacation property
  • Purchase and sale of income-producing commercial properties for individual ownership
  • Arrangement of debt placement with financial institutions

Team Members

Greg Powell

Greg Powell



Work Phone: 205-989-3498


Ashley Page

Ashley Page

Senior Vice President


Work Phone: 205-989-3498


Max Taylor

Senior Vice President


Work Phone: 205-989-3498


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Don't Leave Your Future to Chance

People spend countless hours planning everything from careers, to weddings, to vacations. Yet far too many people neglect to plan for their financial future. And many of these same people fail to achieve financial goals and live the life they want.

At Fi Plan Partners, we believe nothing is more critical than planning for your financial well-being. Because only through careful planning — and embracing and adhering to your plan — can you build and live a Better, Richer, Fuller® life.

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