#195: Stocks Grow: Will Your Portfolio Have A Happy Holiday?

What is making stocks grow?

In our portfolio strategies meeting this morning we looked at some positive data that potentially could impact investors’ portfolios. This week we are seeing corporate earnings and corporate profits rebounding for the first time in the last five quarters. (See chart by Strategis Partners: 12/02/16) We need to see this momentum keep going as profits and earnings make stocks grow.

stocks grow
(Source: Strategis Partners, 12/02/16)

More people are working and making more money

stocks growThe US economy created 178,000 jobs in November, driving the unemployment rate down to 4.6%. Even though we’ve had a down tick on wages last month, year over year, we are up about 2.5%. The consumer confidence we are seeing right now could be because people are spending more money during the holidays. This could potentially make corporate stocks grow by the end of the fourth quarter as it will be good for their earnings.

International surprises

stocks growThe theme of surprising populace movements from the Brexit and the US presidential election, is now continuing in Italy. There, the Prime Minister announced his resignation when he lost a referendum vote to change their constitution. Pollers discovered the reason Italians voted this way was because they saw no real downturn when Donald Trump won the presidential election nor with the Brexit vote in the UK.

Surprisingly, OPEC decided to go ahead and cut oil production by 1.2 million barrels. While OPEC has been known to cheat and use the black market as a way to get out the oil they have already produced, this decision has allowed oil prices to jump 10%. This is great for US oil producers but consumers may see a spike in gas prices over the next few weeks. The final OPEC meeting is December 9th so it’s not a completely done deal. Historically, we’ve seen deals like these fall apart.

Next week on our vlog

stocks growNext week on our vlog we will be discussing the December 9th OPEC meeting and also the Fed’s meeting about raising interest rates on December 14th. We’ve been discussing for a while the possibilities of the Fed raising interest rates. It is now time to see what they actually will do.

So, who knows? With all this positive news, we could see a Santa Clause rally by the end of the year. We will keep you updated.


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