The Future Of The Internet For Your Business

The Future Of The Internet For Business Owners

You can leverage the future of the internet for your business. The future of the internet levels the playing field between you and your biggest competitor but it will require your online marketing to leave the desktop.

Paul Colligan helps others leverage technology to improve themselves and broaden their audience with reduced stress and no dramas. He does this with a lifestyle and business designed to answer the challenges and opportunities of this new economy. If you are looking for titles: Husband, Father, YouTube Expert, Director of Content Marketing for and CEO of He lives in Portland, Oregon with his wife and daughters and enjoys theater, music, great food, and travel.

In this interview Paul Colligan talks with Greg Powell about the future of the internet for your business and what you need to do to leverage it. The internet has become so much bigger than just a laptop or a desk top. Paul discusses how the web is accessible on a much broader range of products than the traditional computer. The internet is truly everywhere.

The future of the internet for your business will require your online marketing to leave the desktop. Internet access is becoming more and more dominated by handheld devices like a smartphone or tablet and even accessed in the most recent car models.

Paul is also an expert on podcasting and believes that this medium of internet marketing is an important for business owners to understand. There are specific steps someone can take to get their own podcast up and running and Paul’s company specializes in teaching this.

Where in social media should businesses be?

Paul recommends that you survey your current customers to find out what platforms are important to them. With Facebook having over a billion users, there is a good chance your customers are on it. YouTube is a site that most people don’t think about as a social media platform. In fact, YouTube has over a billion people using it on a regular basis. YouTube has become the number 2 search engine in the world.

What business owners need to know about Search Engine Optimization

SEO has changed dynamically depending on who you are and where you are when you are using Google. Searching the same phrase or word in different parts of the country will give you different results and your search history will also influence what Google gives you.

Two factors that influence your find-ability online is recency and relevancy. Recency is how recent your content is and relevancy is how relevant your content is. For each search Google is finding what is most recent and what is most relevant. People don’t want news from a year ago, they want it from a minute ago.

Google is also monitoring social media. This means they will give you not the restaurants in your area with the most recent and relevant content but the restaurant with the best reviews from other people and most importantly, reviews from the people I already know. This is where SEO is going for the future.

For businesses this means you don’t win on price or volume, but on being excellent. Google will give you the name of a restaurant with 1,000 good reviews over a restaurant with 1,000 bad reviews. When businesses are excellent, they can compete with their bigger competitors.

If businesses have a social presence, they need to push it in marketing, advertising and special offers (more in the video). This way your customers can reward your business excellence and your SEO will rise.

The future of the internet for your business is a major shift

The next big change is a shift in people’s source of information. The majority of your information content right now comes through cable television, mailboxes, newspapers and radio. In the future the majority of your content will come from the internet. Through this shift, business owners will have the same exact distribution power as your biggest competitor because everybody has access to the internet.

In traditional media, a small business owner has to pay to get on the radio or television, get an article in the newspaper, or have a book in a bookstore. Through the internet, business owners can have their own radio podcast or video show and self publish their own books. Soon all this will be given away for free as mobile companies begin to give internet access for free (more in the video).

The internet is going to go way beyond the desktop computer and it has arrived on our smartphones, cars, refrigerators, televisions, and front doors.

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Greg Powell is President and CEO of Fi Plan Partners, an independent investment firm in Birmingham, AL, serving clients across the nation through financial planning, wealth management and business consulting. Fi Plan Partners creates strategies in the best interest of their clients using both fee based investing and transactional investing.

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