Your Financial House

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The blueprint for financial growth & security

At Fi Plan Partners, we create a partnership of trust with our clients through a unique process, Your Financial House®. Just as you would never build a house without a blueprint, your financial plan is the blueprint for your future. And, as no two people or families are alike, each blueprint is designed and customized to your specifications.

Creating your blueprint takes place through a process that culminates in an individualized investment strategy to help you achieve your goals and a better, richer, fuller life.

We begin with a Builder’s Meeting where we discuss your goals and dreams and ask questions that determine the design of your blueprint. At the Architects Meeting, we work with more in-depth information which starts the process of turning your blueprint into a plan of action.

When the plan is complete, your investment strategy is presented. Our investment strategies focus on growth appreciation, income generation, and preserving wealth and are based on years from retirement, risk tolerance, and financial goals.

This approach is the vision upon which Fi Plan Partners was founded in 2005 by Powell. Everyday, our focus is on helping families as they strive to create a solid financial future.

In 2017, Greg Powell published his first book, Better Richer Fuller, after 37 years of working with individuals and families through the financial industry.  In his book, Powell helps answer the important questions he’s heard over the years. Utilizing a process that is more than looking at the numbers, Powell’s vision for a better, richer, fuller life for you and your family begins with determining your dreams and goals. His approach in his book, and in his presentations, is to give you the tools to achieve your dreams through more effective decisions about your money and your life.