#207: Trump Wants To Unleash The American Economy

Inflation, business, and regulations

Trump We have a lot to talk about this morning regarding inflation, business, and how President Trump wants to unleash the American economy by reducing regulations. This week we are also excited to be celebrating Fi Plan Partners’ 12 year anniversary. We have much to be thankful for and appreciate our clients and those that follow us on social media.

Inflation is the highest since 2012

TrumpInflation came out with its highest reading since 2012. A lot of that had to do with gas prices, which were up 13% last quarter. If inflation continues to climb, the Fed might be a little more aggressive than what many believed. This could be a good thing, as we believe we need a little inflation in the system.

Business owners are looking to hire

TrumpResearch from The Sherman Sheet reports that one-third of business owners are having a hard time filling job positions. That’s a good problem to have. Also, eighteen percent of business owners are saying they are hiring for new jobs. This is the strongest reading since 2012. We see this as very positive news for our economy.

President Trump wants to unleash the American economy

President Trump has said he wants to unleash the American economy by lowering regulations. He seems to be selecting pragmatists who will not legislate. Legislation has been a problem in the past for business owners, as regulations like clean water and clean air can be very costly. Most business owners don’t mind regulations as long as they know what to expect. Prior administrations have tried to legislate a little too much which doesn’t lead to predictability for business owners. When regulations are predictable that translates into better planning, more confidence and the ability to do a cost benefit analysis. Donald Trump seems to be getting people who give a pragmatic field for that and we believe business people will react well to that. The market will be watching this closely as well.

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