Your Retirement, Your Fulfillment by Greg Powell

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How often have you sat at your desk and wondered how wonderful it would be to retire from your career and do what you want to do? You would be amazed how many times I have sat with people who are already retired and they inform me that they don’t like being retired. I especially see this in men regardless of age. After all, you can only fish, hunt, golf, and travel so much. All too often, even if someone is financially sound and does not have to work, they really just need a sabbatical from work instead of full retirement.

Women handle retirement far better than men. They plan activities in their life in addition to their careers. People work hard to get to retirement without planning what they will do with their new freedom once it occurs. Could it be that retirement decisions made by an individual shouldn’t be based on age, but rather on capabilities and passion still for their career.

As we continue to see retirement benefits debated in the next few years with an aging population, don’t be surprised to see Social Security benefits pushed out farther before you can receive them as well as companies rethinking their retirement policies.

I encourage you to listen to the following two podcasts posted below this blog. I posted these a while back with two different retirees coming from two different perspectives. The first is an interview with a gentleman who retired after a long career. The second is with a gentleman who retired early in life only to start another career.

After all, retirement needs to be fulfilling. In no way, for those of you who are married, do you want to be sitting there one day, with a spouse who says, “We got married for better or for worse, not to have lunch together ever day.” And as someone who is single, or widowed, you don’t want to find yourself in a situation where you are spending more time staying at home watching the T.V. set without traveling and doing those things you want to do and have fun in life.

Make retirement fulfilling and enjoy it to the fullest and plan ahead, not only mapping out your life, based on your financial needs but also the quality of life you want to have as though age 100 is your goal and you will achieve it.
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[Audio:] Interview with a retiree who found a new career.

[Audio:] Interview with a fulfilled retiree after a long career.

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